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size 18/20 tops, skirts - FREE SHIPPING

Size 18/20
Non smoking, no pets.
Paypal only
I'm in Australia but will ship free anywhere in the world.
I'll ship the day after payment, but please be aware that international shipping will take about 1.5 - 2 weeks.
I've given sizes, if you'd like measurements for anything just let me know.
I'm definitely open to trades, if you have any Torrid 1x-2x or Forever 21+ stuff.

Crossroads boho tunic with large top button, size 16/18, very soft jersey knit woollen style. Quite stretchy. Worn 2-3 times, no visible marks or wear. I border on an 18/20 and it's slightly too snug for me. I bought it for $30, asking $15.

Target size button up 18 knit top. Worn once, no visible wear. Stretchy arm and bottom panels. I bought it for $29, asking $13.

Crossroads size 18 knee-length paisley chiffon dress. It has a runched stretch band panel under the chest, sash tie back, black lining underneath. Worn maybe 6-7 times, no visible wear. $13.

Miller's size 18 cotton stretchy paisley shirt with collar. Worn a handful of times, no wear. $10.

Miller's size 18 blue cotton tank, never worn, no visible wear. $10.

Style and Co size 18W cotton button up shirt with high collar. Worn many times, some wearing at the armpits. $10.

Miller's cotton tank, size 18. No stretch, never worn. $10.

Target size 18 chiffon runched secretary/librarian top. Button up with black stretchy camisole underneath. Ruffled at the collar and down the front. Worn many times, no visible wear. I bought it for $30, asking $13.

Target size 18 soft long jersey knit skirt. Never worn, stretch panel waist. Very very stretchy, could be worn as a size 20. I bought it for around $40, asking $15.

Cotton knit crotchet bolero. size 18, never worn. $13.

Wool knit bolero, size 18-20. Never worn, quite stretchy. $13.

Miller's lace skirt with black lining. Underlining has a satin-ish feel. Size 18, never worn. Bought it for $35, asking $15.

Miller's cotton skirt, size 18 never worn. Stretch panel waist, no lining, would probably fit a 20. $13.

Target size 18 cream cotton shirt with lace v-neck detail. Never worn. $10.

Soft acrylic wool black open cardigan, size 18-20. Never worn. Bought it for $30, asking $13.


Aug. 27th, 2011 02:12 am (UTC)
no worries!

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