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Size XL
1 cat. he doesn't wear clothes.
shipped within a week of payment.
located in US.
shipping to the US ONLY.
paypal only.
Last post - May 2012
Feedback - available on fatshionista feedback page under username jenellebelle.

Measurements: taken flat.
16 bust
22 waist
23 hip
Sorry for the wrinkles. I only wore this one time and then hand-washed it. It has been hanging in my closet for months.
Colors: Black w Cream collar
Brand: Mystic
Bought off of ModCloth website
$12 (O.B.O.)+ priority shipping $5 = $17 or lower- I am motivated to sell :)


May. 31st, 2012 05:50 am (UTC)
Hmm, I'm so sorry to be annoying but one last question: is the waist elastic removable without ripping the whole seam apart? Like if I were to open up the side seam at the waist, would I be able to pull out the elastic out that way or is the elastic essentially sewn onto the dress?

If the elastic can be fairly easily removed, then I'll take the dress. Sadly, I'd have to pass on the dress if it's not easily removable because I have really no waist for anything to hang. I really don't mind my weight but my body type is another story...

Go ahead and invoice me if its removable (I hope I hope I hope):

May. 31st, 2012 11:52 am (UTC)
I don't know much about sewing- though I have dabbled- but I took a look at it and I think with a seam ripper you could take it out on the inside.I will go ahead and send you the invoice this morning- and just let me know. If you decide you want it - I'll put it in the mail tomorrow. If you don't-just let me know and I'll cancel the invoice.
And I know it is hard to buy clothes without seeing them in person first..trust me lol lol.
I do truly hope it works out for you because this is such a cute dress!!!
May. 31st, 2012 01:27 pm (UTC)
I probably should have phrased my question differently. From the looks of the dress, it appears that the elastic is inserted rather than sewn onto the dress. I think in the worst case scenario, I'll just take out the elastic and insert a ribbon or a string in its place for a more subtle shaping. Therefore, I wanted to know if the elastic can be yanked out by opening up either one or both of the side seams and create a cavity so that I can insert a drawstring in its place. If the elastic is sewn into the waist and if it involves removing the entire seam along the waist either inside or out, then it becomes a huge project which I already know I'll never get to.

Elastic waist always creeps to my boobs - my closet got a lot saner once I got rid of everything that had a elastic there - but I really wanted a chic and simple dress of this style forever and I wanna make it work for me!

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