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S (biggest small in the world), XL, 1X, 12 (larger than usual), 16/W, 17, 19, XXL, 2X/3X, Shoes: 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 11
Non smoking home
Outdoor dogs
I will ship within 24-72 hours of payment
I will ship anywhere!
I prefer Paypal, but will accept snail mail payment at buyer's risk (money order/checks held until cleared)
First post!
My feedback page at [info]fxc_feedback is here: http://fxc-feedback.livejournal.com/300971.html
*I have other feedback linked on my journal's front page.*
x-posted other places as well

Shipping from the US, zipcode 96744.
Shipping not included in price unless mentioned and then only to the US.
If size is listed with waist/hip it just means it depends how you choose to wear it. :)
Most of what I'm listing is new or pretty close to it and were different sizes than described so were never worn.



Purple Schoolgirl Pleated Skirt :: $20
Cotton body, no stretch.  new without tags.
Side zipper entry
Size 19 Juniors
Waist/Hip :: 42"
Length :: 18"


Grey Beauty Fiend Miniskirt :: $12 shipped
Pink skull detailing on pockets
Size 16
*This one is a bit faded and has been washed a few times*

White eyelet broderie anglaise lace skirt :: $15
Lined in the top portion, but the last ruffle is not
Size XXL
Waist: 39"
L: 25.5"

Dot Linen Skirt
Waist: 40"
Length: 22"
*Seems to have a bit of worn feeling and is a little faded, but in good condition*

White with black, beige, and blue pinstripes capris :: $12

Two side pockets
New without tags. Though I was purchasing size 16 at the time, not 16W.
Size :: 16W
*There are brown spots on it from storage which might wash out. Cannot guarantee.*

Navy blue with white and blue pinstripes capris :: $12
Two side pockets
New without tags. Though I was purchasing size 16 at the time, not 16W.
Size :: 16W
*Same as white, only in navy blue. Don't know what happened to picture right now!*

Black capris :: $12
Two side pockets
New without tags. Though I was purchasing size 16 at the time, not 16W.
Size :: 16W
Black capris :: $10
No pockets, d-ring belt strap
New without tags. Though I was purchasing size 16 at the time, not 16W.
Size :: 16W
*Same style as previous capris*


Silky Pinstripe Pants :: $5
Size 16
Dry clean only but were machine washed so top has shrunk to reveal liner
Not noticeable when worn

Pink tone striped capri sleep pants :: $10
Size XL (16/16)
New, says 16/16 on tag and matches 16W size capris.

Green tone striped capri sleep pants :: $10
Size XL (16/16)
New, says 16/16 on tag and matches 16W size capris.

Offbrand Visual Kei Punk Pants :: $15
NEW WITH TAG, except tag broke off so it's in the pocket now
Fabric is stretchy!
Size 17
Waist 38-42"
Inseam 30"


Loli Ruffle Rose Cardigan
Super stretchy, worn once and tag cut
Hidden buttons under flowers
Size Large, runs very big
Bust :: 42"-64"
Waist :: 38"-64"
Length :: 23.5"
Sleeve :: 25" from shoulder

Rockabilly Denim Moto Jacket :: $25
New, size 1X
Bust :: 42"-48"
Waist :: 36"-40"
Length :: 26"
Sleeve :: 25" from shoulder


White Flapper Dress :: $35
Copper thread embroidery on a peep panel.
Super gorgeous and never worn!
Size 16W

Leg Avenue Fetish Vinyl Nurse Dress
New but folded and stored away
(meant to be worn fitted so best fit at least the measurements below if not a few inches over)
Can add about 6" stretch to each measurement.
Size XL
Bust/Hip: 42"
Waist: 33"
Height: 42"
Length: 32.5"

Torrid Swing Dress :: $25
Stretchy fabric with elastic top
Has a small stain on the front
Size 12, new
Bust: 33"-44"
Waist: 34"-42"
Length: 37"
*Would recommend fitting as close to the max measurements for best fit.*

Dot Maternity Dress : $8
Is actually a smaller size, but stretches fabulously!
Bust: 32"-48"
Length: 30"


Green Slip :: $15 shipped
New, size XL
Bust: 42"
Length: 29"

[ blouse ] [ corset ]
White Princess Blouse and corset :: $15
Blouse is 1X, corset is selfmade (by someone else)
Blouse Measurements
Size 1X, new
Bust :: 48"
Waist :: 46"
Length :: 24" 

Black faux-corset Measurements
No size [some shirring at bust]
Bust :: 44"-52"
Waist :: 46"
Length :: 19"
*Faux-corset MUST be able to fit over your head as there is no zipper*

[back] [damage]

EGL Emerald and Black Waist Cincher :: $55 shipped
Lightly boned waist cincher that was specially made for a 2x plus sized girl who never wore it.
Super stretchy crushed velvet in a dark emerald green and black with lace hemming.
One plastic bone is poking out a bit in the back, but easily fixed.
About 6"+ of stretch to given measurements.
Bust :: 40"-46"
Waist :: 42"-48"
Hips :: 44"-54"
Length :: 14"
*Bust/Waist/Hip measurement may be interchangeable depending on where you wear it*

Moda International EGL Romantic Poet Top :: $30 shipped
Super soft, but very wrinkled from storage
New and never worn
Sized small, fits best 2x+
Bust: 48"
Waist: 56"
Length: 28"
Sleeve from shoulder :: 24"

Tripp Corset Top :: $40 shipped
Worn once by someone else
Slight stain where the arm parts are
Zipper entry in back
Size XXL
Bust: 40"-42"
Waist: 36"-40"
Length: 16"

Blue knit vest top :: $20
New with tags, runs big
Has a small mark on the front as you can see
Size XL 
Bust: 43-54"
Waist: 42-55"
Length: 23"

Black Ladder Aristo Top :: $20 shipped
Size XXL, new but washed so tag is scruffy
Is also a bit wrinkled

China LS Top :: $6
Size 14, new

*These are all men's sizes.*


Adopt-a-Dog Coffee-Dyed T :: $25
A shirt from the local human society. All proceeds go there. Size XL, new

Hot Topic: I put ketchup on my ketchup T :: $40
Size XL, new with tags

Nightmare Before Christmas Distressed Jack Tshirt :: $15 shipped
Distressed print
Size XL


The Orleans "Gator" T :: $25 shipped
Size L, New with tags

Jack Skellington T :: $35
Size XL, new
This one is extremely wide

Blue Jack T :: $35
Size 2XL, new

[front] [bottom]

Lower East Side Schoolgirl Boot Clogs :: $30
Size 11 womens, fits 9/10 with comfort
All rubber sole with high traction
Worn a few times, almost like new

Red Dolly Mary Janes :: $25
New in box, matte pleather, 2 inch heel and ankle buckle
Size 11US
*There is now some little wrinkling by heels due to humidity*


American Eagle Black Rockabilly Wedges :: $15 shipped
All black canvas body with cork wedge heel, no stains
Inside will be washed, but worn once
Immaculate sole, wear
Size 8.5, fits best 8 - small 9

[side] [sole]

Silver Heeled Patent Kicks :: $20 shipped
Size 9.5, tried on but never worn out

American Eagle Green Rockabilly Wedges :: $25
All canvas body with springish print
Size 8 1/2
New without box
Nine & Company Black Pleather Platforms :: $15
Matte black pleather woven sandals with 2 inch rise and 3 1/2 inch heel
New without box, Size 9US
*Some minor damage to inner part of platform pleather covering*

Matte Demonia Dolly Maryjanes
Size 9, runs a little small
New with some light pressed marks from storage

Tommy Hilfiger Velvet Maryjanes :: $3
All black, image lightened to show detail
All rubber sole, about 2 inch heel
Worn about 2x
Fits 8.5/9

Kiks Pink Burlesque Rockabilly Loli Heels
Patent pink and white polka dot body
1.5 inch heels
Size 9 US, worn once outside to try on

Jeweled Pinup Heels :: $30 shipped
Size 10, new

Demonia Combat-208 Boots :: $95 shipped
Size 11, new.
Elastic is SUPER stretchy so would happily accommodate larger calves

Sketchers Black Pleather Boots
Black pleather midcalf boots with size zip and 3 inch wooden heels
Worn once, comes with box
Size 11US

Pink Strawberry Daquiri Slippers, size 10 but more like 8/9 :: $10 shipped



Jan. 30th, 2012 07:10 am (UTC)
I love the red dolly mary jane shoes in size 11. Are they available and is it possible to hold for me?
Jan. 30th, 2012 09:54 am (UTC)
Re: Hello
Hi, they are and yes I can! They've been stored away so it'll give me time to get them out. :3

How long did you want them held for?
Jan. 30th, 2012 01:58 pm (UTC)
Re: Hello
If you don't want them or can't take them, let me know! I am interested as well :)
Feb. 4th, 2012 05:12 am (UTC)
Re: Hello
Hi go ahead. I cannot pay due to the reason I have to pay vet fees for my pet. Thank you for asking!Bye, vero
Feb. 4th, 2012 11:56 pm (UTC)
Re: Hello
Hello there!

I have to go to the airport and such today so I don't think I can go get them out of storage but I'll try tomorrow and get back to you with the shipping costs!

Also, I hope your pet is okay, Vero!
Feb. 6th, 2012 01:27 am (UTC)
Re: Hello
Okay shipping is looking to be about $10.78. I can probably get it down a little if it gets shipped without the original box.
Feb. 17th, 2012 04:48 am (UTC)
Re: Hello
Hi dear! Looks like the other person may have backed out so if you're still interested in the shoes they're still available. Since the weather has been pretty dodgy lately some weird stuff happened to the parts around the heels so the pleather's slightly wrinkly looking over there now. If you want the shoes, I'd be glad to split shipping costs with your or work something out. I'm scared they'll keep getting atmospheric damage if I keep storing them.

Let me know!

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