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14/16, 18/20, 20W, 22/24, 2X, 3X, 4X,  24, 28
None smoking household
No animal friends
I will ship within 5 business days
Domestic and Canada (Canada pays extra shipping)
Paypal **only**
Last post in June
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Hey y'all, you know what time of the year it is and I've been doing some maddog spring cleaning. I got some really great stuff here and hope you like it!  Also: Shipping. Sigh. I wish there were a better way. Typically, I try to shove everything in an envelope for $5, but bulkier items may be $10. We end up paying so much for shipping- I say we fats start up our own mail service. <3<3<3

Also- make me offers! The worst that can happen is that I say no :D

1. Torrid size 20 super cute black dress with lace edging and a lil' belt. Small bleach spot around midsection-
SUPER easy to cover (if you have a sharpie that'll do).

2. Lane Bryant 18/20 dress with shell. Super gorgeous- has huge rip at the base coming up
but I wore it cause it was hella goth/punk with the rip. Looks almost intentional ;)

3. Cute vintage-style green dress with belt loops. No tag but would
fit between a 22/24 comfortably.

4. 1X Vintage Torrid corset with boning in amazing condition.

5. Lane Bryant 18/20 This used to be on of my favorite tops-
incredibly fitting. Nylon/Rayon/Spandex

6. Lane Bryant 14/16 Another favorite top. Poly/ rayon/ spandex.

7. "So Real So Right" Large pink sweater. I wore this when
I was 18/20/ 22/24 but it was tight- but that was intentional.
Incredibly cute :D


8. Large Maxwell sweater. Another sweater that I wore when I was
18/20/ 22/24 but it fit tight. It doesn't look great but fit impeccably. Super fuzzy!

9. 1/2X Torrid Dragon tanktop. Hecka cute!

10. Lane Bryant 20 calf length skirt. Super adorable.

11. Vintage Torrid size 20 red plaid skirt with AWESOME detail at the bottom. Great condition.

12. Size 20 vintage torrid skirt with awesome red piping. Mid calf. Hangs beautifully!

13. Super cute Lane Bryant skirt- grey with pink pinstripes.
Incredibly layered and textured. Hard to describe!

14. Another size 24 vintage Torrid skirt with
crazy awesome buckles on the side. Lots of detail.

15. 18 Lane Bryant faux leather skirt. Needs ironing, I'm
too lazy :)

16. Size 28 Lane Bryant black office skirt with cute slit in the back. Great condition! Worn once probably.

17. Size 24 awesome Torrid with raised pinstripes. This thing is textured and awesome!
Did I mention that these pants are AWESOME? Oh, I did? Oh. Ok then.

18. Size 24 Stretch Lane Bryant Venezia slacks. Perfecto para la officina!

19. Size 20 Dickies pinstripe pants- the pinstripes are light pink. Super durable and awesome!


Jun. 25th, 2012 04:30 am (UTC)
hey girl! i totally hear you. it would be $20 for shipping and the item- and i'd be totally willing to do the dress and skirt for $25 total (cause I'm a sweetie like that.) whaddaya think?

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