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22/24, 3x, Torrid 3, City Chic XL (Including 2 hard to find Torrid suits & 2 Jane Bon Bon dresses!)
Non Smoking/No Pets
This is first of multiple posts, broken out by size/type. All prices are negotiable since I'm really just looking to get rid of things, not make any profit.
Paypal only. I'm leaving for Mexico in 10 days, so all paid invoices will ship before then.
I prefer to ship flat rate, and will do so at a discounted rate for domestic packages. I will discount international shipping for multiple items.

I also have a "lot" of multiple Lane Bryant bras in 42DD in great shape that I'd love to see go to a good home. Let me know if you're interested before I post them here.22/24, 3X, (Torrid) 3 & City Chic XLCollapse )
Non smoking home
No Pets
I will ship within 2 business days of payment
US/Canada only (Price based on Zip Code and Weight (so leave your zip in the comments so I can give you an estimate)-I've already noted the weight for some of the items, shipping from 11422)
Paypal only
April 13th, 2014
My feedback page at eBay is here Note: You can click the tab for seller feedback to view feedback from my customers.
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New: Penningtons, Forever 21 - 20, 2x

Small Sale
No Pets, Don't Smoke
Shipping Included

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1 cat, 2 dogs. I will attempt to remove all hair before shipping.
Will ship within 3 days.
US buyers only, please.
Paypal only.
Shipping is included in prices.
Last posts were April 8th.
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A few reposts, LOTS of new stuff!
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Cacique Lane Bryant Bras

Hello! I have 3 smooth boost plunge bras. Worn each of them once. After being in a financial burden, I currently need the cash. I bought them about a month ago for a little over 40$ each, but am asking 100$ for all three(33 each). All three of them are size 44DD. They are all smooth boost plunge-cleavage solution. They are amazing bras but I need the cash for them more. This is my first time using this site so bare with me :) I'm not sure how to post pictures so upon request I can send them to you via email or text.

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Size 20-24
Non-smoking cat friendly house
Will ship 2-3 days from sale
International or domestic (ask about shipping for outside of the US)
Paypal preferred
Prices include shipping

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Hi there!
This is probably my fifth or sixth sales post here. I have a number of items for sale, mostly dresses and a few tops. Brands include OLD NAVY, ASOS, TARGET and INC.
Items are kept cleaned (via cold wash, hang dry) and stored hanging in my closet.
This is a smoke-free, pet-free home.
I will ship to US and Canada. Paypal only.
*Shipping is NOT included, please leave me a comment with your zip code in order to get shipping charges.*

Thanks for your time!

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Quickie post.

Non-smoking, have cats.
Paypal only, ship immediately, USA Only.
Last post some weeks ago.

I have this in sixe 3X, just got it, tags still on. I find that it runs small, more like a roomy 1x or a more fitted 2X. It's sheer, needs to be worn over something.

I paid $10.45, so it's yours for the same, shipping included.
Non smoking home
I will ship within 2 days of payment
I will ship anywhere!
I am located in the US
paypal only!
see my last post a few down the way for bunch of tops & cute things

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SIZES IN LISTING: XL, XXL, 1X, 2X, 3X, 18, Shoes sizes 9W & 10
SMOKING/NON SMOKING: non smoking, clothes never been near smokers.
PETS/NO PETS: Two cats who do not go in the room where the clothes are, but everything will be lint rolled.
GENERAL TIME PERIOD FOR SHIPPING: Within three days of payment clearing.
INTERNATIONAL/DOMESTIC: Shipping within USA calculated separately. Domestic only.
DATE OF LAST POST: Over a year ago
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